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Join Upland, the earth’s metaverse where you buy, sell, and trade virtual properties mapped to the Real World. Become a digital land owner and run a virtual business to earn UPX coins. Connect with fellow Uplanders to build one of the largest communities and digital marketplaces. Be the True Owner of your digital assets because Upland is powered by Blockchain Technology.

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What is Upland?

Upland is the earth’s metaverse mapped to the real world and accessible via web, iOS and Android. It has its own in-game economy, operating according to the laws of supply and demand set in motion by players such as yourself. Upland's foundation is built on three pillars: entertainment, community and business. Upland has been in open beta since January 2020. We have a detailed whitepaper available as well as a development roadmap detailing all the exciting features to come this year.

How do I join? What do I do? How do I win?

Please see our How to Guide.

Is UPX, the internal token, a cryptocurrency? When can I withdraw it?

Technically speaking, UPX is a fungible token on the EOS blockchain, similar to any cryptocurrency. We have elected, however, to use UPX strictly as a utility token. This means it can only be used inside Upland and cannot be withdrawn. By doing so, we avoid UPX being traded on external or decentralized exchanges outside of our control and possibly being deemed a financial security by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC). Maintaining compliance with United States regulations is one of our top priorities. However, as the platform does include a real economy, we have elected to partner with the financial division of Linden Lab (creators of Second Life) to allow a new feature, coming soon, called “fiat out”. Using this feature, you can choose to sell your virtual properties and items for either UPX OR fiat (e.g. USD).

Our partner is officially licensed in all 50 US states. You can read more about that here.

What does “true ownership” mean? Are these virtual properties and other items really mine?

One of the magical things about using the blockchain, and some would say its primary benefit, is the idea of true ownership. The meaning of true ownership has evolved along with blockchain technology itself. At Upland, we define it as the notion that no one can control your in-game assets aside from you. When you reach Uplander status (10,000+ UPX net worth), an EOS blockchain account is automatically created for you. This is a real EOS account, just like you could create anywhere else. The private keys to that account are generated from your email/password combination, and are not stored on our servers. Though the Upland system helps you manage your EOS account, we can not control your in-game assets even if we wanted to, nor can anyone else. The account is yours forever and the assets inside it are yours forever.

The game is based in San Francisco and certain cities, but I’m not. What’s the point?

Being physically present at the location of your ‘block explorer’ (avatar) is not required. We know that the first place users want to own and develop their virtual properties may be in locations close to them, either geographically or in terms of familiarity. We started Upland in San Francisco, New York and other regions - but our dream is to reach every major locale around the world at some point in the next few years.

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